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Dishing Out Innovation in Broadcasting

The Nigerian Media and Broadcasting industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Its various segments—film, television, advertising, prints media, music and online have witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years.

Given the high growth indicators for this industry and new delivery channels such as online, an agile and centralized infrastructure is key to manage the rising complexity and multiple channels that the media sector has to cater to.
In this scenario, technology plays a crucial role in enabling operational efficiencies and quick time to market.

RAISH Media and Broadcasting division has been providing high-end turnkey solutions for Satellite TV Channels and their high - end application areas like Production, Studio, Master Control and Branding, Broadcast Control Room, Ingest, Play-Out, Graphics, Edit System, Out-Door Broadcast and Post Production. We represent some of the biggest OEMs from the Broadcast Industry like Sony, Apple, Adobe, Ross Video, Harris, Datavideo, Blackmagic, Evertz, Soundcraft, Yamha, Snell, AJA, Belden, Autocue and Octopus among others and also authorized service partners for them. RAISH also offers maintenance programs and facility management services to Satellite Channels, Production Houses, and online media channels

RAISH Broadcast portfolio ranges from system integration, Broadcast Consultancy Service and AMC to comprehensive project management. Through profound industry know-how and innovation driven solutions, we enable customers to transform their business processes on an ongoing basis. Our corporate culture is built on the core values of Customer Focus, and Excellence in Services and Partnership.

Our Objectives

Bring decades of experience and the collective knowledge of our experienced engineers and project managers to build robust and complex Broadcast & IT platforms for clients in Broadcast Industries.

Provide efficient and organized delivery mechanisms for large scale Broadcast systems using our collective wisdom of the past through learnings from RAISH implementations of the country’s biggest nationwide and overseas technology applications projects.

Our technology team’s prime motto is to reduce the timeframe of business cycles by using the most advanced technologies and a proper study of existing applications to curtail redundancy.

Mitigate input costs in every possible way. RAISH as a system integrator does a thorough study of existing System infrastructure to identify redundant areas of Broadcast and IT architecture. This process helps us make a project more cost-effective for the client and less tedious for ourselves.

Industry Challenges:

Media and Broadcasting firms need to capitalize on evolving product distribution channels while optimizing current revenue streams, reducing cost and increasing flexibility. Some of the major challenges faced by the industry include:

RAISH Advantage:

Consulting: RAISH’s business model is completely customer driven where we help our customers understand what they need to reach their goals. We try to assist our customers to respond quickly to changing market dynamics and increase their competitiveness with our consulting services

System Integration: RAISH is a premium player that provides high-end digital broadcast solutions and outsourcing services. The ability to provide both industry-specific solutions and cross-industry digital services is one of our fundamental strengths. This is backed by our strong broadcast engineering background and innovation based culture.

Project Engineering: RAISH backs you up with strong broadcast engineering and IT expertise. This profound industry know-how enables us to transform your broadcast business processes and thus maximizing your overall profits margin.

Project Management: RAISH’s project management services help you deliver your projects on time and within budget. We have a team of project management experts who promote satisfaction and delivery, which in turn fosters strong team co-operation.

Areas of Service: