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About Us

RAISH Infosystems is an established Networking, Systems & Business integration Service Company with a first class reputation.We have a policy of providing local cover wherever possible to ensure our high level of on-site response and to maintain our cost effectiveness. 

RAISH Infosystems recognise that technical expertise is our chosen business areas and quality of service is of paramount importance. The company deploys its expertise to address global ICT (Information and Communication Technology) issues facing the development and support of Business Systems and Networking.
This philosophy has secured an impressive and ever growing client list, which continues to entrust high value ICT services to RAISH Infosystems. Having key staff who are highly qualified with broad experiences is fundamental to our meeting the increasing expectation and demand of our clients. The continued growth of RAISH Infosystems is through a policy of investment in Research and Development to ensure that we can provide solutions for the most complex of situations, together with first class support and strategic alliances with major VAR’s. 

We RAISH Infosystems is fully committed to quality working practices, our implementation of policies and procedures to exacting standards have been subject to appraisal and audit by a number of companies, both manufacturers and blue-chip organisations. RAISH Infosystems has embarked on a program of conformance to QA systems. 

As well as providing all aspects of networking, system development and implementation services, RAISH Infosystems also assist organisations in the logistics of planning and delivering major roll-out campaigns. RAISH Infosystems also believe in the partnership approach in both understanding the requirement and working together to find the optimum.

We have organically grown our business and gained market share in other areas of IT solutions by delivering on projects with high calibre qualified staff. Our business is now poised to expand quickly over the next three to five years. We are actively hiring new key staff to further strengthen our team.
Our ICT Service having grown from an ICT reseller into offering more bespoke solutions, has expanded its customer base  beyond its original regional base to a national indeed international base.

The business is made up as follows: