BizCare VoIP Video Solutions

BizCare, providers of managed IT and business communications enablement services is now featuring Apparent Networks’ PathView RPM solutions for remote continuous monitoring and troubleshooting for its customers.

BizCare brings the capabilities of Apparent Networks’ PathView Cloud hosted remote network performance management solution and delivers a custom-branded service for recurring revenue.

BizCare helps IT managers focus on daily IT functions and strategic activities, knowing their networks are managed for availability, health and performance, specifically tailored for their own service levels.

BizCare delivers business enablement and IT services to the Health Services and Retail industries. Combining the latest in remote technologies together with its professional IT talent, more business leaders turn to BizCare for access to a broad range of flexible world-class IT services, gleaned from companies such as Cisco, EMC, Intuit, Wells Fargo, and Macy’s.

Video Solutions Editing offers superior non-linear editing capabilities to meet the needs of any project. With creative, and technical expertise, Video Solutions can output your project efficiently while maintaining quality.

Video Solutions offers a wide range of post-production services for all types of video, and high definition projects. Using the latest technology, Video Solutions, is able to accommodate virtually all different forms of media.